B&W Standard

B&W Standard

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B&W Standard development. The image form on the film would be negative.



mall =102x152mm 
Medium = 210x315mm
Large = 305x457mm

120: (width of the image)
Small =102mm 
Medium = 210mm
Large = 305mm

Medium = 1200 dpi
Large = 3600 dpi

Your scanned films are sent to you via Email or if large via WeTransfer. We will contact you regarding the options.


What to do next?

Please send your order number among with your film(s) to us:
Mühlenstraße 7
D-15517 Fürstenwalde/Spree
If there is any further technical details which we should know about your films (like exposure value, any physical damage of the film etc.) please feel free to attach a note to your package.