About Déclencheur Photo Lab

Déclencheur Photo Lab was founded on Jan. 2015 in Tehran and was operating by a group of academically educated photographers.
Bijan was one of those guys who had founded Déclencheur Photo Lab. In the beginning of his study, he got deeply interested in film photography and the chemistry of it.
The Idea behind building up Déclencheur was to create a lab which offers precise processes of B&W and color Slide films for professional photographers to process their films.
Over time, the group got smaller and finally in the beginning of 2018 the lab was closed with the hope of re-opening it one day again.
After more than 3 years, Bijan decided to gather a group of enthusiasts and revive Déclencheur Photo Lab in Germany; but this time with a wider range of sevices.




It took almost half a year to build up and equip the lab and the darkroom, and finally on 3rd of January 2022 we started to take customers orders.



dark room

Lab / Shop:

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Meet The Team:

Déclencheur photo lab has come a long way and there have been a huge group of friends who helped us to get to this point today and soon we will announce them if they let us reveal their identity. But for now, this is the actual team of Déclencheur at the moment who are running the lab:


Lab Assistant / Processors maintenance / Customer Service
Photographer / Digital imaging / Design

Shop manager / Website / IT
Lab Manager / Darkroom